Our Under 30 Membership which is aimed specifically at same sex men and women who want an alternative way of meeting like-minded professionals other than through traditional websites or social apps.

Becoming a member of Bloom and Cadogan means that you are looked after by a professional and not an algorithm, along with the discretion and opportunities that have become synonymous with Bloom and Cadogan’s unique service. The quick and easy joining process, starts by going to the contact page and simply filling in the requested information, this is then followed up with an email from our introduction co-ordinator, explaining more about membership and requesting that you complete a detailed questionnaire to start the process. Alternatively, you can always call a member of the team to discuss this further.

This special Under 30 six month membership, guarantees a minimum of six introductions.  You will be supported by Bloom and Cadogan’s one-on-one individual care policy, which means the same personal co-ordinator throughout your membership.  Members need to be under 30 years of age at the point of joining.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bloom & Cadogan Under 30
Bloom and Cadogan

The International Same Sex Relationship Agency, providing a truly bespoke service exclusively for Gay and Lesbian Introductions.