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Stylish & Discerning


Unlike Internet based lesbian introductions, Bloom & Cadogan provides a bespoke service in matching discerning women, 
utilising our personal knowledge of each and everyone of our female members.

Intelligent & Accurate


We recognise that there is an exclusive need for successful women to meet partners who have similar achievements and lifestyles.

Personal & Professional


We have built our reputation on discretion. We do not discuss or disclose any of your details to anyone without your prior consent. 
Your privacy is paramount.


Bloom & Cadogan is unique, in that we specialise in exclusively helping discerning women that are searching for the opportunity to have a long term, lesbian relationship. Our clients, who tend to be successful, internationally well-travelled and from all walks of life, are looking to meet partners who share similar achievements as well as lifestyles.

Bloom & Cadogan offers all clients the most discreet way of meeting likeminded individuals. Whether looking for romance or searching for a life partner, our bespoke service ensures that we match all of the social and professional criteria required before any introductions are arranged and finalised.

We know and understand just how difficult it can be to meet the ‘right’ woman for a lesbian relationship. That is why, unlike Internet based introductions that have all the disadvantages of ‘open-to-view’ profiles, at Bloom & Cadogan we offer a real alternative. Our bespoke service is a far more discreet and sensitive way of meeting the right partner and tailored totally to your requirements.

Options available for membership to Bloom & Cadogan

12 month period


This premium service, which is spread over a full twelve months and beyond, has become the most attractive option for our clients. We not only guarantee a minimum of twelve selected introductions but also there is no upper limit to the number they receive. And because busy professional lives can be unpredictable, Priority Premium members have the capability of putting our service ‘on hold’ whenever they wish, for as long as they need within their membership period. When there’s room in their lives to return to that valuable relationship search, then they can resume their journey once again.

6 month period


Priority is our basic six-month membership. Once we have met a client and ascertained their priorities and expectations, we guarantee a minimum of six personally selected introductions over the six-month period. With this entry-level membership option, there is no ‘on hold’ facility.

6 month period


Priority Plus is also a six-month membership but with the added benefit of flexibility for those who may need to be away as a result of work commitments, or who have other calls on their time and attention. Priority Plus clients can opt to put our service ‘on hold’ for up to two months within the membership period, returning to use this accumulated time when it is more convenient. With Priority Plus, we guarantee the opportunity to meet a minimum of eight carefully selected partners.


‘Integrity’ and ‘Confidentiality’ – These characteristics are the cornerstones of our business.

Our reputation, of which we are very proud, has been built upon our experience, knowledge and discretion. This is enhanced by the quality and social standing of our clients.

We personally interview each and every prospective client ‘face-to-face’; this ensures that, for both parties, the partnership is suitable. We work to build a true picture of a client’s background, lifestyle and aspirations together with their hopes and dreams. We will only agree to represent those who are serious in their desire to have a serious relationship and share these same ideals and principals.

Only when both parties have agreed to the introduction will they meet. We then continue to provide on-going support, seamlessly fitting in with your requirements. If, for any reason, either party should decide against further meetings, we will move on to suggest an alternative introduction.

Discretion is key to Bloom & Cadogan
Most importantly, we do not discuss or disclose any of our clients’ details to anyone, without their prior consent.

Your privacy is paramount to us!


The Bloom & Cadogan Commitment

Busy lifestyles and the focus on achieving career goals, can make meeting the ‘right’ woman increasingly difficult. It is for this reason, primarily, that our valued clients rely on our carefully chosen, experienced team to provide a discreet and individually tailored service. It’s a partnership that has proven to be successful.

We take pride in providing this bespoke and exemplary service. You will not be introduced to anyone that we haven’t already met and interviewed ourselves. Its true that each and every person is unique and therefore evaluating each candidate’s particular wishes and desires is absolutely paramount. Being passionate about what we do helps us to provide the very best for our clients when searching for a partner that fits their specific criteria.

Bloom & Cadogan is registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. The information that you pass onto us is totally confidential. Please be assured that we guarantee that your information is not shared with anyone without your prior consent.

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 please feel free to contact us in complete confidence.

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Bloom and Cadogan

The International Same Sex Relationship Agency, providing a truly bespoke service exclusively for Gay and Lesbian Introductions